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Meet the Committee

The committee are here to help keep the club running smoothly. If you have any suggestions or comments, please get in touch with any of us via the form on the contact page.

  • Tom Richards

    Club Chairman: Tom Richards

    Tom is the Chairman of the club, and his reign of terror started in 2018. His responsibilities include making sure the club is running smoothly, acting important, chairing our AGM, gauging agreement for new members, the AGM minutes, general communications and telling other members of the committee to do their jobs.

  • Tania Qoura

    Club Secretary: Tania Qoura

    Tania is the club secretary for CPK. She takes the minutes during our AGM. An invigorating job if ever there was one! She also organises various social events, such as pub trips and our Christmas meal. She is the primary point of contact for new members.

  • Madoc

    Club Treasurer: Madoc

    It’s a little known fact that Madoc's childhood dream was that he could become the treasurer of CPK. He’s responsible for collecting membership & league fees, paying for courts & shuttles while monitoring the club finances. So far the club has not gone into financial ruin, so he’s probably doing a great job!

  • Liam Jay

    Fixtures Secretary: Liam Jay

    Liam is the fixtures secretary because he was foolish enough to volunteer for a role that nobody else wanted. He attends the Bristol fixture meetings with a big calendar and a bunch of coloured pens to sort out the respective league dates. He’s also the official point of contact for opponents for fixture changes.

  • Giles Hembrough

    Affiliator: Giles Hembrough

    Aside from being the most photogenic member of the committee, Giles is responsible for registering new members with Badminton England. He also re-affiliates existing members (once fees are paid).